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INTRODUCING: "The Best Lead Extractor Software"

This software will gather emails of people
who are following a "GURU" of your choice and who want you to Email them.
You simply put the gurus name in the proper box on the lead extractor and then
 the software will do  a search in Google and find people who have talked about
that particular guru and also left their email for you.

These leads are VERY important!..They Are Waiting For Your Email.

ONLY $29,..$25

More Leads Generation Software Products..

INTRODUCING:-The "Guru List Buster Software"

You Can Use This Software To find A Nice List Of Targeted Marketers And
Introduce Them To Your Product Or Offer.

This Software is In A Zip file That Can Be Dowloaded To Your Computer,
Opened and Run From Your Desktop PC or Any Other Device That Has An Internet Connection.
We know You Will Find Our Software Useful In Your Business.
Instructions and a FREE "No SPAM" Solution Video with EVERY Download.

Our Software is not made for Mac users.
My mac users use a program called parallels to run windows software.
Also make sure you have the latest Microsoft .NET Framework 4 at the below link ONLY if the software doesn't work for you after you download and unzip it and run it..

60-day Guarantee

ONLY $27,..$21


"The Social Site List Buster Software"

"Find "Hot" Ready To Buy Leads From Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Linkedin, etc."

This Unique Software will give you an advantage over the competition when it comes to putting Lazar targeted traffic in front of your product or service of choice. Just simply enter a keyword of choice and click on which social site you wish the software to scrape and the software will deliver Phenomenal results for you with one click of a button. 

BONUSES: Surprise Bonuses with this Software plus 100% resell rights!.

Build 1000's of Emailing Leads In Less Than One Month!
60-day Guarantee

ONLY $27,..$21

INTRODUCING: "Classified Ad Scraper Software"

Get This "Classified Ads Scraper Software"..Find TARGETED Leads
Get Our Software And Find "Tons" Of Social Sites Email Leads 

Scrape Emails From A List Of Classified Ad Sites..

Generate Your OWN "Targeted" List

60-day Guarantee


"If you're STRUGGLING to make money online..

Then you NEED This"

You Can Use This Software To find a Nice List Of Tartgeted Marketers And
Introduce Them To Your Product Or Offer.

Get 1,000 of FREE Leads ..In Minutes It’s That Easy!

Scrape Leads From The Latest MLM Companies

60-day Guarantee

Only $29..$21

INTRODUCING: "The Facebook Post Scripts Training"

"Whoelse Needs Facebook Leads For Their Business?"

"Get This Private Video Training on How to Create Your Own Facebook Scripts."Make Your OWN Customized "Animated" Scripts For Your Facebook Page, Post Them Right There in Facebook And Target Facebook Marketers..Introduce Them To YOUR Product Or Offer. " 

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With 800 million (and growing) unique users worldwide, Facebook is the top networking 

site in terms of activity. It is the biggest phenomenon on the internet.


"The Gator Website Builder"

Need a Website?..Checkout Our Website Plans at HostGator

Gator Website Builder

CLICK HERE TO Choose Your Plan

Here are the Benefits of Having These  Amazing Software!

 Get Your Own Up To Date Leads..HOT Ready To Buy FREE  Business Leads With This      Software..Automatically

 This will give you a nice list of "Targeted Marketers" to advertise your products or   services too.

 These Unique Software will give you an advantage over the Competetion when it comes to  putting  BUYING  Traffic in front of your products or services of choice.

 Sell these Software as your Own..keep 100% of the Money!

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