My Story

My Name is Mary C.(I use my middle name, easy to remember:).

If you buy any of my Products thru my JVZOO page, you will see the rest of my name and why I don’t use it.
I always have to correct people when the they don’t really look and call me somethingelse.(causes a lot of confusion)

I Live in Arkansas. In a different Area than I used to.(much better people)

I come from a Long Line of Entreperners going back 3 generations, who have helped people of all races, creeds or colors, Big or Small who were in need, to help their families, by becoming successful in Life. (Free-no charge)

My wish is to leave a Legacy like that.

Those who became Millionaires, thru the years, they always remembered to say “Thank You”.

I have been online since 2010. I have been trying to learn as much as possile from a few successful Coaches. I have had some success and some not.

Sorry, This is a my story that needs to be told. I don’t live in a “Gated Community”, where all is well. Sorry if the truth may offend you.

There are countless others who are going thru or have gone thru, the same thing.  Ignoring the facts will not make them go away. This is the only honest “My Story”  that many people have to tell.

I have been attacked by Local Thieves and Crooks in Suits who were trying to steal what little i have accumlated. My Computer was hacked into and my Paypal account was broken into and codes were placed on all of my Links and re-directed.

My Story
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There is always somebody out there who wants something for nothing.
(No Work!!..FREE Ride!!)

My family also was attacked with constant “Terriorism” since 2002, some resulting in some physical damage to their bodies. I have lost hundreds of dollars,sometimes thousands,($150,000 Home) and sweat. trying to recover our losses. (NOW IT’S THE INTERNET.. jeez!!)

They use  “BACK STABBING” to help them steal. When you report it.. you are called “crazy”. (because we all know “no one would do that”..yeah right!!)

Now as I write, my Internet is going on and off. (server says my signal is being blocked) Why just mine? Crooks trying to steal again.
Trying to force us to sell our PROPERTY and move to a “not so secure” Area so they can kill you during the “darkness” hours.(3am-daylight) Typical.
The RICH and POWERFUL sinply Erase your name from ALL Real Estate Records and REPLACE it with thiers. Happens a Lot to the old, weak, and poor.

These crooks have DEMONS. That’s why they LOVE darkness.

They have been taught to STEAL from the old, sick, weak and poor. (They have been told nobody cares what happens to them) This is very sad but in some cases, very true. (It’s called COMMITTING MURDER by NATURAL CAUSES)

I was forced to start over again.

I bought a Lot of courses, some worked, some did not, trying to succeed and make an Online Business for me and my Family. It is hard work, but i’am determined to not Quit. Even tho I am partially disabled(speech not good), and cannot do as I used to, with God’s help I will go on.

My Story
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It’s not easy but Persistance and Determination will win.
This is not a “GET RICH QUICK” Business. Those who think so will FAIL.

MY STORY..there is no other.

My Favorite Quote from my friend’s schoolmate:
“Nothing will work unless you do.”
Dr. Maya Angelou

Hope you can find something of value that will help you with your Business.

To your success,
Mary C.

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